I do a page on Facebook 

Have you ever run into a Facebook page that invites you to click on "Like"to become a fan? The pages have become a very effective tool to create groups of friends who share certain interests. When you enroll in a page, it's as if we added a new friend to our list. In fact, we will begin to read on our bulletin board also all messages from that page. To create a page just go in the "Ads and Pages" and follow the simple instructions.

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Find support on Facebook 

How many times you do not know how to do a certain thing on feisbuk? Perhaps not everyone knows of the existence of a support section which presents a series of articles and guides that can help us solve some problems. Clicking on the "Help Center" menu account to access this section and we can also do some research on tuttu content posted.

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How to access messages 

To access messages sent from friends can click on the icon shown in the image above. You will find all unread messages for friends (for each message you can see the text and the subject). If you click on any message opens and you can reply to the sender.

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The Facebook chat  

Facebook has a chat to cominucare with others in real time. To access the chat just click on the link located at the bottom right of the homepage. This will open a window that contains the list of online friends. By clicking on the name of the user starts the conversation.

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Block someone on Facebook  

If we see that a user sends us unsolicited or makes us crave a friend request, we can decide to block that person so he doesn't give us more annoyance. To block someone, simply click on "privacy settings" and then on the "block user" option. We will find a form in which to insert the name and email user who want to block. Once inserted the name, that person will not give us more trouble.

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