The Facebook chat  

Facebook has a chat to cominucare with others in real time. To access the chat just click on the link located at the bottom right of the homepage. This will open a window that contains the list of online friends. By clicking on the name of the user starts the conversation.

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Block someone on Facebook  

If we see that a user sends us unsolicited or makes us crave a friend request, we can decide to block that person so he doesn't give us more annoyance. To block someone, simply click on "privacy settings" and then on the "block user" option. We will find a form in which to insert the name and email user who want to block. Once inserted the name, that person will not give us more trouble.

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Report a message as spam 

Sometimes it happens that someone send us unwanted messages (e.g. advertisements) on Facebook. We report the received message so that the staff of Facebook take action against the sender of messages. To report a message as spam you should click on the "Report Spam" available at the top right of the screen containing the message. Article published by Feisbuk.

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Search for friends on Facebook  

It's simple search for a friend on Facebook: just type the name and surname of the person in the search form located at the top of the main page. You can also search for friends by clicking on "Friends" in the left menu, so you can use the advanced features of Facebook. There is also a way to search for friends automatically: if you have an email address with Gmail, you can ask Facebook to add all the friends in your address book: you just enter your Gmail username and password and will be automatically imported from contacts address book. (source: feisbuk)

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The great boom of Facebook 

Why Facebook has had so much success? Definitely one of the reasons is that each member put their name and a personal photo. So who knows us can find us easily by simply entering our name in the search form. With chat and message board is then easy to stay in touch. Every time we write something on our bulletin board, it appears in the homr pages of each our friend and then all remain up-to-date on our activities.

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